Hello readers,

Well this is a first post about a specific NDN business. The business is Arrow Nation, they are based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Their site is a promotional tool for advocating for local business, events, artists, band etc. through membership on their website. Specifically gearing towards the urban culture and crowd in the Phoenix metro area. Currently, they’re working on their first large scale event slated for Fall 2011, Arrownation Fest , which once I learn more will post info in regards to it. So, please check out their Facebook page as well as their website to gain more info as well as to join the Arrownation community.


One response to “ArrowNation

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for having Arrow Nation on your blog, we have to point out a few things, like things of this magnitude it will require more time, like all things, starting something new we do have our tie ups, but our goals is still in motion. AN Fest is still a go, we are now projecting nest year, either way it will happen. The Urban community here Phoenix will have our show, we have one of the largest if not the largest Native American population in the United States here in Metro Phoenix.
    See our Facebook Page we will keep you updated.. Thanks AZTSoul : )

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